Is Facebook the Right Social Platform For My Business?

facebook social media platform for me


The oldest and most established of the current big three social media platforms, it is probably the best suited and most well-rounded social media platform for business.

The key lies in Facebook?s page creation tool.

This tool allows you to create what amounts to a miniature website for your business.

A window where people can see what you do, how much it costs, where your business is, when it?s open, and more.

It also gives customers the ability to leave reviews which new visitors can see.

Additionally, your business page allows easy access to your business?s contact information and can link directly to your website.

Essentially, Facebook allows you to have a second website for your business.

A website that has the ability to interact with potential customers whenever you want.

facebook social media platform

Facebook?s robust and business-friendly page creation tool makes it a must for any business in the digital economy.

There is virtually no learning curve and the format allows easy access into the social media environment.

Facebook being the most established platform also means it?s unlikely to suddenly vanish like dust in the wind.

One thing to be aware of because of this is that Facebook is easily the oldest of the Big 3 platforms.

In short, the parents found it and as a result, the user base trends a little bit older.

That?s not to say young people don?t use Facebook anymore but it is less the platform they use with their friends and more so with their families.

Facebook is your bread and butter it?s probably not where your business we will gain a reputation for being ?cool?.

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Facebook Demographics

So Facebook isn’t the “cool” platform.

Then who even uses it?

social media usage - teens

In short.


While Facebook has been the only social media site to decline in usage by youth since 2014 it is still widely used.

Having this skew towards the older generation allows you to better target your marketing.

Don’t focus on the latest trends and staying “hip” as much.

Instead, focus on facts, knowledge.

Anything and everything to help your audience feel like they learned something they didn’t already know.

Take a look at our own facebook page.

We don’t use sensationalized titles.

Dangerous challenges.

We offer knowledge and information.

So use Facebook.

Both as a second site and as a way to connect to your older customers on a deeper level.

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