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Rycob Media recently began work on a new project.

Developing both the website and managing all of their pre-existing social media for Everything Coffee.

Specializing in online coffee, and online coffee products Everything Coffee is looking to accomplish a number of things through their collaboration with Rycob Media.


Through their website, Everything Coffee had a couple of underlying goals, and a number of problems that needed to be fixed, including:

  • Modernization of their home page to incorporate a more unique and stylish design that aids in customer flow
  • Addition of multiple products, across a number of categories, including product descriptions the converted visitors into customers
  • An implementation of both an email subscriber and product abandonment email flow

Social Media

Everything Coffee was somewhat unique in that they came to us with an already growing social media presence.

When they had originally begun their company they had started a user engagement campaign that resulted in their social media accounts gathering up to 500 ?likes? before we took over.

However, like their website, they had a number of goals they wanted to accomplish, including:

  • Growth of their Instagram page by follower count.
    • Unlike their Facebook and Twitter, their Instagram account is lacking followers, and increased, consistent content publishing is the key to increasing it.
  • Regular content across all platforms.
    • When they had initially begun their company they had published a couple of times, approximately every 2 weeks, and largely only for sales. They approached us to begin publishing relevant, daily content across all of their platforms.
  • Client engagement.
    • When they came to us Everything Coffee?s customer engagement on their posts was, to put it kindly, lacking. Almost no one liked or comment on any of their content despite consistent views and impressions.

How We?re Helping

Rycob Media is helping grow Everything Coffee by contributing and increasing to their pre-existing online presence; as well as increasing the visitor retention and conversion percentage of visitors to their site, by both modernizing and improving their theming, product pages, and email flows.

Interesting in learning more, or getting started on your own partnership with us?

Check out our pages here, or Everything Coffee?s pages here to get in touch!

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