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Rycob Media (this website) was designed and is currently managed and updated by our head web developer, and co-founder Ryan O’Donoghue. Started originally as a hobby, a way to share the knowledge of his lifelong passion, and a way to turn what he loved into a business.

After bringing his childhood best friend, and social media wizard, Jacob McGregor, to be the co-founder and handle the social media side Rycob Media was born.

Initially both Ryan and Jacob aquired clients and projects via word-of-mouth and kijiji listings. however, as the company began to grow and more clients came on board they quickly decided to officially form Rycob Media.

This involved developing a name, logo, website, establishing our own social media accounts, YouTube channel/videos, and everything physical media related (business cards, flyers, etc.). Proving quite the challenge the initial Rycob Media website was launched on February 13, 2019. It featured no knowledge base, and a very basic pricing guide.

Since then, due to an ever expanding knowledge base, almost daily updates, and keen knowledge of social media coupled with daily posting, Rycob has continued to grow into what it is today.

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