Social Media: How Do I stay Relevant? Part 3

Social Media Holidays

So, you want to build a strong social media presence for your business.

You?ve built the accounts and pages and you?re determined to consistently post once or twice a day.

Then you realize that posting on this schedule means that you have to come up with 730 pieces of content!

They can?t all be direct advertisements for what you do, that would become stale pretty quickly!

It?s not like you can post cat videos or anything like that!

This is supposed to be a business page after all.

How on earth do companies find new things to post every day?

Scrolling down your personal newsfeed, you will doubtless come across posts saying things like ?Happy World Puppy Day!?

Some of these, while being well-being official days of recognition, don?t garner attention outside of social media.

Days like World Puppy Day are commonly referred to as social media holidays and there are whole calendars full of them!

Everybody celebrates something, and these social media holidays are an excellent way to bolster content and reach the full extent of their customer base.

Take, for example, World Puppy Day.

Most of the people that know or would be posting about this day are dog owners or people that love dogs.

For example, you run a dog grooming business.

By posting something along the lines of:

?Happy #WorldPuppyDay from your friends at Everything Is Pawsome Dog Groomers!?

With a picture of a particularly cute dog, you would reach a large number of potential future customers.

This is an easy trick to break up direct advertisements for the goods and services your business provides, while still providing content your customers will want to look at.

national puppy day social media post

Coupon Codes and Specials

What?s more, this type of content can be directly monetized in the form of coupon codes and specials.

For World Puppy Day our dog groomer offers 10% off of a shampoo and trim.

The customer brings in a picture of the post when they bring their dog for grooming to get the discount.

In this way, you connected with the community you want to be potential customers … while directly incentivizing business by offering a discount on that particular day.

This can be used for holidays such as Valentine?s Day, Mother?s Day, and Christmas to take advantage of the many big sales rushes when people are looking for gifts for loved ones.

By having a social media post with the sale attached you can make your business a part of that rush.

Gain repeat customers through your quality and service.

Keep them coming back for years to come.

Social media holidays are not just a helpful content concept but they can truly help you boost your customer base.

social media holidays

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