The Best Low-Cost Web Tools for Your Website

best low-cost tools for your website

After reading our article on Updating Your Website: Free to Ultra-Premium and Everything In-Between and decided that you had enough knowledge, or time to learn that the low-cost option was best for you? In this article, we will go over the best low-cost tool for every aspect of your website!

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The Best Low-Cost Domain Tool

When considering low-cost domain tools there are a couple of things you have to find the balance between.

Price and Privacy.

Usually, when you go the extremely cheap route on domain registration it doesn’t come with WHOIS name protection. This means that anyone who is looking for it can find out the name, phone number, and email you used to purchase the domain. From first-hand experience, this can meet ALOT of phone calls from all over the world by people wanting to become your supplier.

If you don’t mind having this information public, then hands down the best choice is GoDaddy. They are the largest holder of domains in the world and you can get a .com for as little as $0.99 USD ($1.25-ish CAD). They have relatively fast nameservers, transferring domains is easy, and they have relatively good support.

If you prefer your privacy to be kept (as we strongly recommend here at Rycob Media) then our recommended choice is hands-down Google Domains. They charge a flat price of $14 CAD and you get privacy protection, easy integration with G-Suite, and all of the same thing GoDaddy offers, but with the backing of one of the largest online companies in the world.

The Best Low-Cost CMS Tool

CMS tools have a ton of features and factors that make them unique and better suited for certain tasks. Because of that we strongly recommend WordPress as our low-cost CMS tool. It does have a significant learning curve, and it requires a larger amount of knowledge to work, but it’s free, and it’s powerful.

As the most popular CMS in the world, it is also super easy to find support and learn how to deal with any problems that may come up. It can also be installed on pretty much any web host you find and comes native with most of them.

The Best Low-Cost Hosting Tool

Hosting is the first place you should consider spending extra money if you have it. Cheap hosting can lead to a whole host of different problems. From slow speed to out outages, to completely erasing websites! With that said, there is a low-cost hosting option for you to consider when updating your website.

The first and our personal choice for our website is SiteGround. Specifically the “StartUp” package. For the first 3 years, it costs only $0.33 per month (with some finagling, check out our post here on how to make that work). So for the first three years of hosting your website, you can use a premium web host for a not so premium cost. The only downside to going this route is that after those three years are up you’re looking at at least $11.99 a month. That’s a big price jump to handle for a lot of people.

The Best Low-Cost Designer

Similar to free website design it is hard to find a designer willing to work for a low-cost budget so you will need to do most or all of the work on your own. We recommend researching topics and of course, feel free to contact us at Rycob Media with any questions you have!

The Best Low-Cost Overall Tool

Overall our best recommendation for a low-cost tool is Siteground. Through Siteground you can get hosting, access to WordPress, email, and everything else many websites take for granted. All extremely easily! After the initial 3 year deal, we would qualify Siteground as more of a professional solution, but that is all the more reason we recommend it. Professional product for an affordable price!

Make sure that after you check out our complete how-to guide for getting started with Siteground here. Also, check out the 5 Free WordPress Plugins We Can’t Live Without!

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